Top 10 Most Extreme Places In The World

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Top 10 Most Extreme Places In The World

Vostok Station, Antarctica 

It is pretty chilly in the Vostok Station area: the lowest temperature on Earth (-129.82 F) was recorded there in July 1893. Brrr! 

Oymyakon, Russia

Not as severe as the Vostok Station, but sometimes quite freezing as well: the temperatures can drop down to -96.16 degrees Fahrenheit. But the most surprising thing about Oymyakon is that it has a population of 500 people. Let’s admit it: that’s a lot for such a place!

Zulia, Venezuela

With almost 20,000 flashes of lightning per night, Catatumbo Lightning is the most persistent thunderstorm in the world. The place is the largest producer of ozone and sure is spectacular.

Death Valley, California

This beautiful place has seen the highest temperatures ever recorded on Earth. The thermometer hit 56 degrees Celsius in 1913 – imagine that! The average temperature there is not that bad, though: only 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit in July.

Mawsynram, India

Mawsynram is a village in Northeast India. If you plan to go there, you will surely need an umbrella: the place sees over 467 inches of rain every year.

Paradise, Washington

Welcome to the snowiest place in the world! With a maximum annual snowfall of 93.5 feet, the place’s name may sound ironic to you if you’re not really a fan of snow.

Cape Denison, Antarctica

Imagine the worst wind and add some dreadful cold to it – that is Cape Denison for you. The mean annual speed of the wind there is 72 feet per second, but sometimes it may even aссelerate to 198 mph!

Ridge A, Antarctica

Ridge A is said to be the place with the clearest sky in the world. So, if you happen to be an astronomy enthusiast, this will be a literal paradise on Earth for you – as long as you’re able to tolerate the extreme cold.

Markansu Valley, Tajikistan

This valley sees very strong winds almost every day: they rise dust and countless whirlwinds and sometimes are strong enough to lift a camel! Locals used to believe these whirlwinds were actual evil spirits – jinns.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Average rainfall in the Atacama desert is 0.03 inch per year which makes it the driest place in the world. Some weather stations there have never received rain. Make sure to visit this place if the only thing you feel for rain is vitriol!

Are you making your extreme itinerary yet?
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