20 Thanksgiving Riddles to Blow Your Mind

Eat, drink, sleep, relax, and remember to flex your mind during the good long holidays!
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20 Thanksgiving Riddles to Blow Your Mind
Give some activity to your mind - try this special edition of Thanksgiving Riddles and test if the enjoyable holiday has endowed you with extra brainpower!
  • What key do we always use on Thanksgiving Day?


  • What words did a turkey say before it was put into the oven?

I’m stuffed. 

  • What is another name for sad cranberries?


  • April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?


  • Name the cat that discovered America.

ChristoFurry Columbus.

  • What dance is the best one to perform on Thanksgiving?

The turkey trot.

  • What would Pilgrims be most famous for if they still lived now?

For their age.

  • We can’t take turkeys to church. Why?

Because they speak such a FOWL language.

  • On which side of a turkey are there more feathers?

On the outside.

  • Why don’t we eat fish on Thanksgiving Day?

Because Thanksgiving Day never occurs on FryDay.

Can you solve these Thanksgiving riddles?

  • During a Thanksgiving dinner, what hand do you use to butter your roll?

You don’t use hands, you use your knife!

  • What thing at the Thanksgiving table is always sleepy?


  • Choose what’s longer: football or baseball.

The words are of the same length – they both have 8 letters.

  • If a British person ate a Thanksgiving dinner what would he or she gain?


  • What do we get when we see Broom-Hilda sitting on the beach with her turkey?

A turkey sand-witch.

  • What should you put into the stuffing to truly enjoy it?

Your teeth.

  • What do turkeys eat on Thanksgiving?

They don’t eat anything, they’re stuffed.

  • The police arrested a turkey. Why?

The policemen suspected it of FOWL play.

  • Why did a turkey eat its food so hurriedly?

Because it was a gobbler.

  • A person invested his money in feathers. Why?

He thinks that the stock market is going “down”.

So, how many tricky brainteasers have you coped with?  

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