10 Animals With The Most Powerful Bite

In case you have a sudden urge to hand-feed some wildlife.
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10 Animals With The Most Powerful Bite

10. Lion (650 psi)

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but the royal bite is far from the strongest: it’s only 650 pounds per square inch or psi (not that 650 psi is too little to be lethal, though).

9. Tiger (1050 psi)

The tiger, who is the largest member of the feline family, has the bite force of 1050 psi - almost twice as much as the lion - and has no natural enemies. Well, people might not be its natural enemy, but there’s a high chance that it will bite you if it sees you anyway.

8. Spotted Hyena (1100 psi)

Hyenas are scavengers, but they can hunt and have extremely powerful jaws: their bite force is measured at 1100 psi. They can also eat their prey without leaving any bones.

7. Grizzly Bear (1200 psi)

The Grizzly bear is able to bite through a cast iron skillet or bones. They rarely attack humans, but they are pretty aggressive, so think twice before you decide to piss one of them off!

6. Gorilla (1300 psi)

The gorilla is the largest primate and has strong jaws, but it is generally quite shy and won’t attack you without being provoked. Usually, they just use their long canines to scare off their enemies.

5. Jaguar (2000 psi)

Jaguars are the toughest cats – their bite is almost twice as powerful as that of the tiger. In fact, it is strong enough to pierce through their prey’s skull.

4. Hippo (1825 psi)

Hippo’s bite is stronger than any other mammal’s in the world. Hippos are very aggressive and can attack you for no reason at all. To make them even more terrifying, they can also run at a speed of 19 mph. Holy moly!

3. American Alligator (2125 psi)

This chap is the largest reptile in North America and it can (and will) literally tear its prey to pieces. Alligators have about 80 teeth which are replaced by new ones when worn down. An alligator can go through about 3000 teeth in its lifetime!

2. Saltwater Crocodile (3690 psi)

The saltwater crocodile’s mouth contains about 60 teeth, but not the teeth but their strong jaw muscles give them their incredible biting force. Don’t mess with saltwater crocodiles, people.

1. Nile Crocodile (5000 psi)

Now, finally, the most dangerous guy of our list: the Nile crocodile. It has the most powerful bite in the world and its sharp teeth make it impossible to escape from its mouth.

Aww, isn’t the nature beautiful?
By the way, your biteforce is probably no more than 160 psi. Come on, try to do better!
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