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May 29
Illinois, California, and Minnesota can enjoy their success today! You have climbed to the top!

May 29
Congratulations to DMAX, Pat and Lawrence! You're the best players of last week! We're happy for your success!

Apr 17
With a proud heart, we welcome the winning states of the past week - Vermont, California and Oregon!
Heartiest congratulations for the well-deserved victory!

Apr 17
Congratulations to Man Mohan Mittal, Lawrence and Jack on your win and on your effort! Keep your aim high and make a plan to fly!

Apr 7
Discover the lost civilization and plunge into the world of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt quiz!

This is the story of Zadavaka

Story of Zadavaka

Zavadaka is a friendly and curious monster. His home is Hitromudria, a planet where only smart and savvy monsters can live. Zadavaka was not nearly astute enough, so he had to leave Hitromudria and roam the Universe in search of knowledge and experience. His pursuit of wisdom brought him to Earth.

Story of Zadavaka

Zadavaka doesn’t know much yet. So far, he's only good with basic arithmetic and other general subjects. English is also not his strong suit, so mistakes are inevitable. But to err is human, and Zadavaka is eager to learn anything about humans, our planet, our history and geography, our people, our culture and science, popular trends and deep spiritual matters.

Story of Zadavaka

Are you willing to help this friendly monster return to his home planet? You can do this by answering questions – this will provide Zadavaka with the information he craves and enable you to test your own knowledge, too! Zadavaka’s quizzes will give you a much-needed 10 to 15 minute break from work and a nice opportunity to stretch your mind!
You can compete with other players and try to reach the top of the ratings – that is the most honorable achievement of all! Play online trivia games, the Bible trivia, Geography quiz, Harry Potter quiz, Movie trivia, History quiz every day, get to the top and help Zadavaka come back home!

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