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May 20
The devastating 1940s consequently led to the creation of a totally new society – strong, enduring, and ready for new achievements.
Test if you remember the milestone events of the decade by playing our striking 1940s quiz!

May 18
Exclusively for Facebook Fans: our new quiz already on Zadavaka's FB page! Hurry up to play!

May 17
Often called a game of confidence, golf is a sport for relaxation, a means of communication, and a great way of spending free time outdoors.
Try our new compelling Golf trivia quiz that we specially created to celebrate Golf Day and enjoy the fun and tricky questions!

May 16
New Bonus Quiz for Facebook Fans is ready!
Hurry up to like Zadavaka’s Facebook page and add it to favorites to stay updated about the bonus quizzes we create for true fans of trivia games and play the first bonus quiz right now!

May 13
New 1950s quiz - more history for connoisseurs of the past!
History repeats itself - but Zadavaka never does. Play his new 1950s trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the decade of confrontation, Presley and the start of the Space Race!

This is the story of Zadavaka

Story of Zadavaka

Zavadaka is a friendly and curious monster. His home is Hitromudria, a planet where only smart and savvy monsters can live. Zadavaka was not nearly astute enough, so he had to leave Hitromudria and roam the Universe in search of knowledge and experience. His pursuit of wisdom brought him to Earth.

Story of Zadavaka

Zadavaka doesn’t know much yet. So far, he's only good with basic arithmetic and other general subjects. English is also not his strong suit, so mistakes are inevitable. But to err is human, and Zadavaka is eager to learn anything about humans, our planet, our history and geography, our people, our culture and science, popular trends and deep spiritual matters.

Story of Zadavaka

Are you willing to help this friendly monster return to his home planet? You can do this by answering questions – this will provide Zadavaka with the information he craves and enable you to test your own knowledge, too! Zadavaka’s quizzes will give you a much-needed 10 to 15 minute break from work and a nice opportunity to stretch your mind!
You can compete with other players and try to reach the top of the ratings – that is the most honorable achievement of all! Play online trivia games, the Bible trivia, Geography quiz, Harry Potter quiz, Movie trivia, History quiz every day, get to the top and help Zadavaka come back home!

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